JDSB Weekly Update - 12/08/2019

Survey says...

December 09, 2019

It looks like we might be pretty packed for Optimism Brewing tomorrow and we’re excited to see all your smiling faces! We never fail to have a good time and forge some new friendships, so don’t be shy about mingling and flexing those networking muscles. If the Optimism socials have a little too much hustle and bustle for you, join us at the Wayward the following Monday for a more lowkey gathering.

We also have a survey up regarding plans for a series of interview prep workshops. Though it’s been up on the JDSB Slack for a while, we would appreciate if you took a few minutes to go through the survey here. We know this has been a major point of interest for the community in the past and our organizer, Lizzy, is spearheading the project, so we also wouldn’t be against sending love her way for running point. :)

And finally, please do check out and follow our new LinkedIn page as well as the repos for the JDSB website and blog. We aim to keep most (if not all) of our projects open source, so if you see something that needs fixing or a change you think would benefit the project, don’t be shy about making a pull request. Even if you have never made a PR before, it’s a great, safe opportunity to do so. Even if you just change one line of CSS!