JDSB Weekly Update - 12/15/2019

Submitted for your review...

December 16, 2019

It’s beginning to look a lot like another Wayward Monday, folks. Squeeze in one more tech oriented hang and study session at our reliable home base before the holiday exhaustion sets in.

Before that, though: over on the JDSB Slack, a thoughtful member floated the idea of creating a code review channel so that those who are interested could submit and review each other’s work. Well, we just went ahead and did it! Hop into #code-reviews and let’s see if we can get some regular activity brewing.

Code reviews are a mutually beneficial process. Having a second pair of eyes on your code can lead to helpful hints or design patterns you may not have known about. On the other hand, reviewing code is great practice for jumping into existing codebases and seeing an approach you may not have taken yourself. Of course, it is also helpful to others and we love that!

Finally, if you are already working in tech as a software engineer or otherwise, we’d like to hear about it. Nate has graciously put together this survey for just that purpose, should you feel so inclined! We often get asked where the average JDSB member is coming from and we know that ranges from those of you that haven’t even started coding yet, all the way to veterans of the industry. We also love to try and help make connections and provide answers, so this information is a nice bridge between the juniors who are still looking for their first position and those with helpful experience and knowledge to share.

We may be the Junior Dev Struggle Bus, but those of you that are a few (or many) steps beyond that point are just as valuable to the community. Sharing some of your experience is very much in the spirit of one reason we exist in the first place. Participation is truly appreciated. :)