JDSB Weekly Update - 12/01/2019

The 1st of the last.

December 02, 2019

Goodbye November, Hello December. We hope everyone has recovered enough from last week’s festivities to join us at the Wayward on the 2nd and at Optimism Brewing on the 9th.

In case you missed it over on the JDSB Slack: Lizzy, one of JDSB’s organizers, has brought attention to Advent of Code. It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: an advent calendar for coding challenges, starting today! There is still time to get in for day one, and Lizzy even setup a private leader board for JDSB use. You can join that by clicking here and using the code 653575-d61603dd — hop on in and flex those coder muscles with us. :)

Also, please drop by our new LinkedIn page and give us a follow there. We’ll be working on the best utilization of that platform in the coming months and it’d be great to have you all there to engage. In the meantime, we’ll see you for coffee or drinks at the upcoming events!