JDSB Weekly Update - 11/18/2019

Break glass if you love code

November 18, 2019

Thanks to everyone that came out to Optimism Brewing last week. We had a pretty large turn out and were able to meet a lot of great new people as well as catch up with old faces. One of our best!

Next up tonight is the trusty Wayward. Drop by and have a chat with us about code, your job search, or just life. If you can’t make the event, the JDSB Slack is always open for the same purposes.

To close out, one of our newer members, Nicholas Hazel, was kind enough to do a short informational interview with a few of our organizers. Give it a listen if you’d like to know a little JDSB history or perhaps glean a conversation starter with one of us for the next meet!

Apologies to him for time being cut short since we tried to squeeze it in before the Optimism event, but it was fun just the same. Big shout out to Nicholas for taking some time to chat with us! Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe! ;)