JDSB Weekly Update - 11/11/2019

Make a wish!

November 11, 2019

Tonight, we will be gathering at Optimism Brewing for some social festivities!

If you’ve never joined us before, this is an excellent opportunity to make introductions, network, and get to know each other. No pressure, laptops optional! Warm welcomes and open arms are one of the things JDSB prides itself on, so come prepared to make a few new friends.

Meanwhile, over on the JDSB Slack: there is still time to check in on our members that are taking a shot at Game Off 2019. From the look of things, they may particularly be in need of someone on the art side. If you’re interested or curious, drop by the #captain-hopper-game channel.

If games aren’t your thing, then just come say “Hi!” to everyone in one of the other channels. We’re just as welcoming online as in person. :)