JDSB Weekly Update - 08/05/2019

Blog edition!

Brett Hurst
August 05, 2019

A very merry August to all of you!

Thanks to everyone that came out to Fremont Brewing last week. It was a great time with faces new and old! This week, we’re back to meeting over a different kind of brew at the trusty Wayward Coffeehouse.

One of the goals we’ve collectively decided to throw our weight behind is better and more comprehensive event offerings since our community seems to really shine during in person interaction. Our primary effort is our Algorithms Anonymous series. I would like to direct everyone to the #algorithms-anonymous channel on the JDSB Slack to chime in on what you would like to see. Help guide the JDSB narrative! :)

We are also looking for passionate people to help in administrative duties and getting folks more involved in general. One such position is a Community Outreach Organizer. This is how yours truly started out in an official capacity with JDSB. This person would help with writing up announcements, event organization on Meetup.com, or reaching out to others that have expressed a desire to be more involved. Perhaps, even, branding your name on these weekly updates.

If getting involved in this way sounds like a good time to you, or you’re interested in becoming more involved in another manner, please reach out to Nate, Mark, or myself on the JDSB Slack. Or just yell at us in #general. We’ll see ya!