JDSB Weekly Update - 07/29/2019

The JDSB Weekly Community Update - Blog edition!

Brett Hurst
July 29, 2019

Let’s get right to it, friends!

This week’s event will be a community social at Fremont Brewing Company. Enjoy some sunshine and a drink with fellow members while getting to know each other better. Perhaps strike up a conversation about any of the following:

The new struggle blog!

The Junior Dev Struggle Blog that you’re reading right now has obviously launched into its infancy. This should act as a home for some of our knowledge base, such as how to contribute to projects or articles from JDSB members. Big thanks to Nate Spilman for scaffolding out this Gatsby project and writing up the introductory post. Check it out! You should also be able to find these weekly updates here, as you can see. :)

Algorithms Anonymous!

We’re also working on what we hope will be a recurring series of events that we’re calling Algorithms Anonymous. The goal is to provide a group-driven, programming language agnostic environment for reasoning about algorithmic problems. We’ve created the #algorithms-anonymous slack channel to discuss the series and gather input from the community.

Struggle Buddy!

Speaking of the JDSB Slack — remember to visit us there! The JDSB slack app framework (affectionately dubbed Struggle Buddy) is up and running. It’s designed to make it as easy as possible for members to drop in their own Netlify serverless functions that can be triggered through the /struggle command for the community to use. Drop by the #struggle-app-project channel for more details — or ask about it at Fremont Brewing tonight. :)

If you’re curious about any of the above, or anything at all, don’t be shy about contacting us. We’re a welcoming community!

Hope to see you at events and in the Slack, JDSB!