JDSB Weekly Update - 01/05/20

let now = new Year(2020)

January 05, 2020

We’ll get the “Happy New Year!” out now, since our next events aren’t until just a little later. We’ll be at the Wayward on the 13th and then another social on the 17th at Optimism, which may be our first event to not fall on a Monday. There have always been requests for gatherings on different days, particularly weekends, so here’s one to put on the books.

While the holidays tend to keep everyone busy, we did play around with the MeetUp API over on the JDSB Slack to get some of the event statistics we mentioned last week. Since data is fun to work with and a few of you expressed some further interest, feel free to explore the MeetUp API and share what you come up with. For example, a call to http://api.meetup.com/The-Junior-Dev-Struggle-Bus/events?page=5 would return our next five events, which is exactly the call made to the API on the JDSB website’s Events page.

Also, the interview prep workshop series is in the finishing touches stage and should begin at the end of the month! We’ll have more word on that next week. In the meantime, go out and make 2020 memorable, full of code and creativity!