JDSB Weekly Update - 09/09/2019

Blog Edition!

September 10, 2019

Ahoy, JDSB! I hope everyone stayed dry this weekend.

Due to our new schedule, we are at the Wayward tonight for more relaxed code chatter. It looks like we might have quite a few first timers, so we look forward to meeting you.

Nate has been working hard on getting a CMS implemented for the JDSBlog — huge thanks for all the time he’s made for that. This will allow us to add posts more elegantly and also allow all of you to contribute community content. It should be up and running very soon, so hop into #jdsb-website-n-blog on the JDSB Slack, give Nate a pat on the back, and strike up some conversation about what topics might make good blog posts. Tutorials, concept explorations, and opinion pieces will be as welcome as JDSB information and updates.

Of course, for a more interactive back and forth experience, don’t be afraid to visit the Algorithms Anonymous forum and participate in some discussion there. We are always striving for ways to provide a welcoming atmosphere and useful tools for everyone to utilize. The quick, ephemeral nature of Slack, the preserved and asynchronous format of the forum, and the static but expressive blog domain are great complements to our in-person events. We hope that these will enable the community to continue building relationships and sharing knowledge when we can’t all be in the same place.

As always, let us know what you think and what you might like to see.

Here’s to another week, JDSB!