JDSB Weekly Update - 08/26/2019

Blog edition!

Brett Hurst
August 26, 2019

Good morning JDSB!

Some of you may have noticed a shift in the Meetup schedule. The Wayward meets will now take place every other Monday starting from today. The main reason for this was Labor Day, which we have now changed to a social event at Fremont Brewing. This way, those with holiday plans only miss a mixer instead of a study lab. This change also allowed us to lock down a more convenient table reservation schedule with Wayward Coffeehouse management.

In other news, the JDSBlog has been converted to the new theme! There is still plenty of room for more tweaking and improvement on both the blog and main site, so be sure to join us on the JDSB Slack and the #jdsb-website-n-blog channel to make some suggestions or get involved. We’re planning to have a focused event on these two projects in the near future.

We also want to invite everyone to take advantage of Algorithms Anonymous as your friendly tech forum of choice! There is plenty of room there for discussion beyond just algorithms. Whether you have a brain teaser to share, you’re trying to wrap your mind around an unfamiliar algorithm, or maybe you’re just curious about some basic JavaScript behavior, the discussion is welcome there.

While we love to have the real time back and forth in the JDSB Slack, topics discussed on the Algorithms Anonymous forum have the benefit of not being buried behind other conversation or disappearing with Slack’s 10k message limit. It’s a great format for long form discussion and long term preservation, so if you want to dig into a certain topic a little deeper, visit a thread that’s already open or spin up your own!

The forum also crossposts to the #algorithms-anonymous channel, so being there is a good way to keep up with forum activity. :)