JDSB Weekly Update - 08/12/2019

Blog edition!

Brett Hurst
August 12, 2019

This weeks event:

We’re going event casual at the Fremont Brewing company again this week. So, if you’re free, come enjoy a little sunshine, talk code, and get to know some of your fellow struggle bussers!

Recent developments:

Thanks to Mark, our Algorithms Anonymous project has carved out its own little nook on the web at algorithms-anon.org. This helps us keep the activity from the slack channel tidy and preserved for future generations. It even crossposts into #algorithms-anonymous! So be sure to check out the site, and the channel.

The Junior Dev Struggle Blog is also making moves as Nate guides the project through a theme change and refactoring the code into tasty bite sized React components. Come on by the #jdsb-website-n-blog channel to observe and contribute!

And to wrap up the week, we’d like to ask once more for a moment of your precious time regarding our small weekend event survey, #struggle-app-project hasn’t gone anywhere, and if you haven’t joined us on the JDSB Slack yet, what are you waiting for? :)